Thursday, September 6, 2007

Week 2 Preview

  • Upset of the Week
Vanderbilt over Alabama: I don't know. I just have a funny feeling about this one. Although Bama is unranked, this would be a big upset considering the hype of Nick Saban and the history of this series.

  • Lock of the Week
Georgia over South Carolina: Georgia is back to being really tough this year. Spurrier almost pulled the upset in Athens two years ago, but the Dawgs will be ready this time.
  • Best Game on TV
Virginia Tech @ LSU: Night games in Baton Rouge are legendary, and this one will be one of their latest kickoffs ever (9:15 Eastern Time on ESPN). The visitor is a unique out-of-conference opponent who happens to come to town ranked in the Top 10.

  • Should be the Best Atmosphere
Virginia Tech @ LSU: See Above.
  • "Why is This Game on TV?"
Samford @ Georgia Tech
  • Biggest Blowout
Florida over Troy

  • Good Matchup Flying Under The Radar
South Florida @ Auburn: Nobody seems to be talking about this one, but it could be a great game. South Florida is still a program on the rise, and this is another huge opportunity for them to knock off a giant on national television.

  • Game With Best Storylines
NC State @ Boston College: It's only Tom O'Brien's second game as the wolfpack head coach, and he already returns to his former homefield to face the team that he just said goodbye to.
  • Best Rumor of the Week
Lloyd Carr out. Les Miles to Michigan. Nick Saban back to LSU. Wow...

  • Team That Needs A Win The Most
Florida State: I never thought I would feel sorry for Bobby Bowden, but it's getting difficult to watch him on the sidelines. They need to take care of business this week against UAB.

Staying at home this weekend?
Here's what to watch:
all times Eastern
***= don't miss this one

***10:00-11:00 College Gameday ESPN
11:00-12:00 West Virginia at Marshall ESPN2
College Gameday ESPN
***12:00-4:00 Miami at Oklahoma ABC
Nebraska at Wake Forest ESPN
4:00-6:00 NC State at Boston College ESPNU
Oregon at Michigan ABC
***6:00-9:00 South Carolina at Georgia ESPN2
Notre Dame at Penn State ESPN
***9:00-1:00 Virginia Tech at LSU ESPN
South Florida at Auburn ESPN2

Traveling This Weekend?
Here's what to record:
all times Eastern

10:00-12:00 College Gameday ESPN
12:00- 3:30 Miami at Oklahoma ABC
5:45-9:15 South Carolina at Georgia ESPN2
9:15-1:00 Virginia Tech at LSU ESPN

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week 1 Awards

  • Best Quote by a Coach
"[Virginia] stayed so conservative the whole game," Wyoming defensive coordinator Mike Breske told reporters. "I kept thinking, 'When are they going to try and win the game?' We thought with eight minutes left it was still anybody's game."

-Wyoming coach after defeating Virginia 23-3
  • Best Quote by a Sportscaster
"Michigan lost to an insuperior team in Appalachian State"

-Mark May, ESPN, September 1, 2007

  • Picture of the Week
Appalachian State quarterback Armanti Edwards

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  • Team of the Week
Appalachian State
  • Biggest Upset
Hmmm...let me think...Appalachian State over Michigan?
  • Best Atmosphere
Florida State @ Clemson- 83,000 in solid orange came strong for the Labor Day primetime game. The Clemson team matched the crowd's intensity in the first half, and then the national audience was treated to a nail-biter of a fourth quarter.
  • Most Prepared Team
East Carolina- They lost, but it was a very impressive performance. Just a couple of mistakes prevented another big upset on the first Saturday of the season.
  • Most Unprepared Team
Notre Dame- All week long, Charlie Weiss acted like he didn't know who his quarterback would be. Then we found out he wasn't acting. He really had no idea! Hilarious! And the rest of the team was just as unprepared.
  • Best Uniforms
Mississippi State- I loved how their white jerseys at home forced LSU to wear their "home" uniforms, which they never wear. As it turned out, the Tigers didn't seem to mind, though. 45-0.
  • Worst Uniforms
This one is too easy. Oregon Ducks
  • Emerging Team
Georgia Tech
  • Fading Teams
Michigan & Notre Dame

More to Come...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week 1 Preview

  • Upset of the Week

Tennessee over California: Okay so it's not a major upset, but the Vols are a 4-point underdog and look for them to pick up a huge road win to start the season.

  • Lock of the Week
Oregon over Houston: Houston may have high hopes after a bowl appearance last season, but look for Oregon to take care of business and set the tone for another strong year in the PAC-10.
  • Best Game on TV
Florida State at Clemson: While this matchup may not have the national appeal of the FSU-Miami rivalry which previously occupied the primetime Labor Day timeslot, this will be a huge showdown to start the ACC season. Both talented teams desperately need to avoid a 0-1 start to the year, and the atmosphere in Death Valley should be spectacular.
  • Best Game Not on TV
Central Florida at NC State: As the Tom O'Brien era begins at the Raleigh fairgrounds, the 10-point favorite will have their hands full as George O'Leary returns to ACC country.
  • Should be the Best Atmosphere
LSU at Mississippi State: While this may not actually be the best atmosphere or best game of the week, it will seem like it. After waiting almost eight months for college football, this will be our first real taste of it. There's nothing like it!
  • "Why is This Game on TV?"
New Mexico at UTEP Sept. 1 10 pm CSTV: Ugghhhh...
  • Biggest Blowout
Oklahoma over North Texas: Ouch!
  • Game With Biggest Bowl Implications
TIE: Wake Forest at Boston College & Florida State at Clemson: It won't take long for the ACC Atlantic Division race to shape up. All four of these teams figure to compete for the division title and possibly a trip to a BCS bowl.
  • Best Unusual Matchup
Georgia Tech at Notre Dame: This rematch from last year should be fun to watch. Both teams are sort of difficult to predict for the upcoming season, and it's always cool to watch a Notre Dame home game (even if you hate them).
  • Game With Best Storylines
Florida State at Clemson: FSU has rebuilt their coaching staff and many people expect a miracle from them from day one. The national media once again has placed Tommy Bowden on the "hot seat" while he may have his most talented team yet. Can FSU make the rest of the ACC afraid of them again? Will Clemson break out the all purple uniforms again. It's the Labor Day primetime game. And oh yeah, it's Bowden Bowl 9.
  • Best Rumor of the Week
Arkansas will hire Dan Reeves as Athletic Director. Here's a link:

  • Team That Needs A Win The Most
Virginia Tech: The newly-dubbed "America's Team" better not fall flat on their face against East Carolina. The Hokie fans are expecting a magical season, the nation is watching, and if the team forgets they have a real game to play, the visiting Pirates may be good enough to spoil the ceremony.

Staying at home this weekend?
Here's what to watch:
all times Eastern
***= don't miss this one

7:00-8:00 Tulsa at Louisiana Monroe ESPN2
***8:00-12:00 LSU at Mississippi State ESPN

7:30-8:00 Navy at Temple ESPNU
8:00-12:00 Washington at Syracuse

***10:00-12:00 College Gameday ESPN
12:00-3:30 East Carolina at Virginia Tech ESPN
Marshall at Miami ESPNU
***3:30-7:00 Georgia Tech at Notre Dame NBC
Wake Forest at Boston College ABC regional
Washington State at Wisconsin ABC regional
7:00-8:00 Oklahoma State at Georgia ESPN2
North Texas at Oklahoma FSN
***8:00-10:30 Tennessee at California ABC
Kansas State at Auburn
Oklahoma State at Georgia ESPN2
***10:30-12:00 Tennessee at California ABC
Kansas State at Auburn ESPN

4:00-8:00 Texas Tech at SMU ESPN
***8:00-12:00 Florida State at Clemson ESPN

Traveling This Weekend?
Here's what to record:
all times Eastern

10:00-12:00 College Gameday ESPN
3:30-7:30 Georgia Tech at Notre Dame NBC
8:00-12:00 Tennessee at California ABC

8:00-12:00 Florida State at Clemson ESPN

Monday, August 27, 2007

Poll Results

Here are the poll results from last week.

Thanks to all who participated.

Be sure to vote in the new polls.

Which is the best college football program of this decade?

50% Southern Cal
17% None of the Above
8% Texas
8% Oklahoma
6% Florida
6% Auburn
1% Ohio State
1% LSU

How Many Teams Will Be Undefeated After The Regular Season?

36% 1
33% 2
19% 3
8% 0
2% 4 or More

What Is College Football's Best Conference In 2007

40% SEC
34% ACC
10% Big 12
10% Big East
4% Big 10
2% Pac 10

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Awards To Be Handed Out

Alright folks! I hope you enjoyed my opinions in the Season Preview. Now the fun is about to begin. We're just a little over a week away from kickoff!

Here's what to expect in the weekly posts:

Tuesday Nights

The following awards will be given to preview the upcoming weekend:

  • Upset of the Week
  • Lock of the Week
  • Best Game on TV
  • Best Game Not on TV
  • Should be the Best Atmosphere
  • "Why is This Game on TV?"
  • Biggest Blowout
  • Game With Biggest Bowl Implications
  • Upset That Everyone is Predicting, Which Means It Won't Happen!
  • Best Unusual Matchup
  • Game With Best Storylines
  • Best Rumor of the Week
  • Player That Could Have A Huge Game
  • Team That Needs A Win The Most
Also, watch for my world famous TV watching plans. If you will be in front of a TV on Saturday, I will provide my recommended viewing, complete with all times and channels. If you will be at a game on Saturday, I will recommend which games you should record to watch when you get home.

Sunday Nights

The following awards will be handed out for the weekend that was:

  • Best Game
  • Worst Game
  • Best Quote by a Coach
  • Best Quote by a Player
  • Picture of the Week
  • Team of the Week
  • Biggest Upset
  • Best Atmosphere for a TV Game
  • Worst Atmosphere for a TV Game
  • Best Playcall
  • Worst Playcall
  • Most Prepared Team
  • Most Unprepared Team
  • Most Bizarre Moment
  • "What Was He Thinking?"
  • Best Uniforms
  • Worst Uniforms
  • Emerging Team
  • Fading Team
Of course, you will be able to post your feedback. Give your own opinions. Let me know how wrong I am or how correct I am.

Keep an eye on the right side of the screen for numerous polls throughout the season, and don't forget to cast your vote.

It's gonna be a fun season!


Top 25
  1. Southern Cal
  2. West Virginia
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Florida
  5. Michigan
  6. Wisconsin
  7. LSU
  8. Ohio State
  9. Texas
  10. Louisville
  11. Georgia
  12. Clemson
  13. Tennessee
  14. Texas A&M
  15. Florida State
  16. Virginia Tech
  17. Penn State
  18. Alabama
  19. Nebraska
  20. South Florida
  21. Iowa
  22. Hawaii
  23. Miami (FL)
  24. TCU
  25. Memphis


BCS Title Game January 7, 2008 New Orleans, LA

Southern Cal vs. West Virginia

Rose Bowl January 1, 2008 Pasadena, CA

Wisconsin vs. Texas

Fiesta Bowl January 2, 2008 Glendale, AZ

Oklahoma vs. Michigan

Sugar Bowl January 1, 2008 New Orleans, LA

Georgia vs. Louisville

Orange Bowl January 3, 2008 Miami, FL

Clemson vs. LSU

Conference Championship Games

SEC LSU vs. Georgia

ACC Clemson vs. Miami (FL)

Big 12 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska

MAC Kent State vs. Northern Illinois

Conference USA Memphis vs. Houston

Heisman Trophy


Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia, Jr.

Invited to Ceremony

John David Booty, QB, Southern Cal, Sr.
Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii, Sr.
Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville, Sr.

Others in the Running

Pat White, QB, West Virginia, Jr.
Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas, Jr.
Chad Henne, QB, Michigan, Sr.
CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson, So.
Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan, Jr.
Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon, Jr.
Percy Harvin, WR, Florida, So.

Most Overrated Teams

Virginia Tech
Boise State

Most Overrated Players

Tashard Choice, RB, Georgia Tech
Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Most Overrated Coaches

Les Miles, LSU
Steve Spurrier, South Carolina

Most Underrated Teams


Most Underrated Players

Mike Goodson, RB, Texas A&M
Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson

Most Underrated Coaches

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
Tommy Bowden, Clemson

10 Best Games of the Year

Florida State @ Clemson, Sept. 3
Virginia Tech @ LSU, Sept. 8
Southern Cal @ Nebraska, Sept. 15
Oklahoma vs. Texas, Oct. 6
Florida @ LSU, Oct. 6
LSU @ Alabama, Nov. 3
Wisconsin @ Ohio State, Nov. 3
Louisville @ West Virginia, Nov. 8
Michigan @ Wisconsin, Nov. 10
Texas @ Texas A&M, Nov. 23

Best Weekend of the Season

Thursday October 4 - Kentucky @ South Carolina
Friday October 5 - Utah @ Louisville
Saturday October 6
  • Oklahoma vs. Texas
  • Nebraska @ Missouri
  • Iowa @ Penn State
  • Georgia @ Tennessee
  • Virginia Tech @ Clemson
  • Miami @ North Carolina
  • Notre Dame @ UCLA
  • Florida @ LSU

Worst Weekend of the Season

As we all know, there is never a bad weekend of college football. However, there is always one that is a little thin on exciting matchups.

This year it appears to be the weekend of October 13.

Here are some games of note that could possibly save the day:
  • Texas A&M @ Texas Tech
  • Wisconsin @ Penn State
  • Boston College @ Notre Dame
  • Auburn @ Arkansas
  • Florida State @ Wake Forest (Thursday)
  • South Carolina @ North Carolina

Best Games of Each Week

Sept. 3 (Monday) Florida State @ Clemson
Sept. 8 Virginia Tech @ LSU
Sept. 15 Southern Cal @ Nebraska
Sept. 20 (Thurs.) Texas A &M @ Miami (FL)
Sept. 22 Penn State @ Michigan
Sept. 29 Auburn @ Florida
Oct. 6 Oklahoma vs, Texas
Oct. 11 (Thurs.) Florida State @ Wake Forest
Oct. 20 Texas A&M @ Nebraska
Oct. 27 Georgia vs. Florida
Nov. 3 Wisconsin @ Ohio State
Nov. 8 (Thurs.) Louisville @ West Virginia
Nov. 17 Ohio State @ Michigan
Nov. 23 Texas @ Texas A&M
Dec. 1 Army vs. Navy

Road Trip Planner

There are certain venues in college football that every fan should experience at least once. If you have the time and money to make this football season into one long road trip (some flying may be required), here is a suggested itinerary. If you can't do them all, maybe you could just pick a few of them.

Sept. 3 Clemson (vs. Florida State)
Sept. 15 Nebraska (vs. Southern Cal)
Sept. 29 Florida (vs. Auburn)
Oct. 6 LSU (vs. Florida)
Oct. 13 Notre Dame (vs. Boston College)
Oct. 27 Georgia vs. Florida (Jacksonville, FL)
Nov. 3 Ohio State (vs. Wisconsin)
Nov. 10 Tennessee (vs. Arkansas)
Nov. 17 Washington (vs. California)
Nov. 23 Texas A&M (vs. Texas)
Nov. 24 Auburn (vs, Alabama)
Dec. 1 Army vs. Navy (Baltimore, MD)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Welcome to my new blog!

This blog is being developed by a college football junkie... for other college football junkies.

Have you ever sat on your couch from 10 a.m. until after midnight on a Fall Saturday? When you travel to a game, do you feel like Clark Griswold on his journey to Wally World? Do you get chills when you see or hear anything about college football at any time of the year?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you will want to bookmark this blog in your favorites folder.

I finally realized that most of us fans know just as much about college football if not more than those so-called experts that we watch, listen to, and read so religiously... hanging on every word.
Just because I'm not wearing a suit and sitting behind a desk in Bristol, Connecticut with makeup on my face doesn't mean I can't be an "expert" just like those guys. In fact, I'm probably more qualified than they are since I'm in the Southeast, I'm wearing shorts and flip-flops, and I have a cold beer in my hand!

Future posts in this blog will be more interesting than the boring paragraphs above! Most of it will be in an easy to read list with "best/worst" and "what to watch for" types of material. You will be able to post replies to each blog entry, and there will also be polls for you to vote on every week.

Here's the schedule:

August 21: Season Preview
September 4: Awards handed out for first weekend
Every Sunday Night: Awards handed out for the weekend (beginning Sept. 9)
Every Wednesday Night: Weekend Preview (beginning Aug. 29)
December 10: Bowl Preview
January 10: Season Review

Enjoy! It's almost time for some football!

Photo by Rob Arra