Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week 1 Awards

  • Best Quote by a Coach
"[Virginia] stayed so conservative the whole game," Wyoming defensive coordinator Mike Breske told reporters. "I kept thinking, 'When are they going to try and win the game?' We thought with eight minutes left it was still anybody's game."

-Wyoming coach after defeating Virginia 23-3
  • Best Quote by a Sportscaster
"Michigan lost to an insuperior team in Appalachian State"

-Mark May, ESPN, September 1, 2007

  • Picture of the Week
Appalachian State quarterback Armanti Edwards

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  • Team of the Week
Appalachian State
  • Biggest Upset
Hmmm...let me think...Appalachian State over Michigan?
  • Best Atmosphere
Florida State @ Clemson- 83,000 in solid orange came strong for the Labor Day primetime game. The Clemson team matched the crowd's intensity in the first half, and then the national audience was treated to a nail-biter of a fourth quarter.
  • Most Prepared Team
East Carolina- They lost, but it was a very impressive performance. Just a couple of mistakes prevented another big upset on the first Saturday of the season.
  • Most Unprepared Team
Notre Dame- All week long, Charlie Weiss acted like he didn't know who his quarterback would be. Then we found out he wasn't acting. He really had no idea! Hilarious! And the rest of the team was just as unprepared.
  • Best Uniforms
Mississippi State- I loved how their white jerseys at home forced LSU to wear their "home" uniforms, which they never wear. As it turned out, the Tigers didn't seem to mind, though. 45-0.
  • Worst Uniforms
This one is too easy. Oregon Ducks
  • Emerging Team
Georgia Tech
  • Fading Teams
Michigan & Notre Dame

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