Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Top 25
  1. Southern Cal
  2. West Virginia
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Florida
  5. Michigan
  6. Wisconsin
  7. LSU
  8. Ohio State
  9. Texas
  10. Louisville
  11. Georgia
  12. Clemson
  13. Tennessee
  14. Texas A&M
  15. Florida State
  16. Virginia Tech
  17. Penn State
  18. Alabama
  19. Nebraska
  20. South Florida
  21. Iowa
  22. Hawaii
  23. Miami (FL)
  24. TCU
  25. Memphis


BCS Title Game January 7, 2008 New Orleans, LA

Southern Cal vs. West Virginia

Rose Bowl January 1, 2008 Pasadena, CA

Wisconsin vs. Texas

Fiesta Bowl January 2, 2008 Glendale, AZ

Oklahoma vs. Michigan

Sugar Bowl January 1, 2008 New Orleans, LA

Georgia vs. Louisville

Orange Bowl January 3, 2008 Miami, FL

Clemson vs. LSU

Conference Championship Games

SEC LSU vs. Georgia

ACC Clemson vs. Miami (FL)

Big 12 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska

MAC Kent State vs. Northern Illinois

Conference USA Memphis vs. Houston

Heisman Trophy


Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia, Jr.

Invited to Ceremony

John David Booty, QB, Southern Cal, Sr.
Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii, Sr.
Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville, Sr.

Others in the Running

Pat White, QB, West Virginia, Jr.
Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas, Jr.
Chad Henne, QB, Michigan, Sr.
CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson, So.
Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan, Jr.
Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon, Jr.
Percy Harvin, WR, Florida, So.

Most Overrated Teams

Virginia Tech
Boise State

Most Overrated Players

Tashard Choice, RB, Georgia Tech
Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Most Overrated Coaches

Les Miles, LSU
Steve Spurrier, South Carolina

Most Underrated Teams


Most Underrated Players

Mike Goodson, RB, Texas A&M
Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson

Most Underrated Coaches

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
Tommy Bowden, Clemson

10 Best Games of the Year

Florida State @ Clemson, Sept. 3
Virginia Tech @ LSU, Sept. 8
Southern Cal @ Nebraska, Sept. 15
Oklahoma vs. Texas, Oct. 6
Florida @ LSU, Oct. 6
LSU @ Alabama, Nov. 3
Wisconsin @ Ohio State, Nov. 3
Louisville @ West Virginia, Nov. 8
Michigan @ Wisconsin, Nov. 10
Texas @ Texas A&M, Nov. 23

Best Weekend of the Season

Thursday October 4 - Kentucky @ South Carolina
Friday October 5 - Utah @ Louisville
Saturday October 6
  • Oklahoma vs. Texas
  • Nebraska @ Missouri
  • Iowa @ Penn State
  • Georgia @ Tennessee
  • Virginia Tech @ Clemson
  • Miami @ North Carolina
  • Notre Dame @ UCLA
  • Florida @ LSU

Worst Weekend of the Season

As we all know, there is never a bad weekend of college football. However, there is always one that is a little thin on exciting matchups.

This year it appears to be the weekend of October 13.

Here are some games of note that could possibly save the day:
  • Texas A&M @ Texas Tech
  • Wisconsin @ Penn State
  • Boston College @ Notre Dame
  • Auburn @ Arkansas
  • Florida State @ Wake Forest (Thursday)
  • South Carolina @ North Carolina

Best Games of Each Week

Sept. 3 (Monday) Florida State @ Clemson
Sept. 8 Virginia Tech @ LSU
Sept. 15 Southern Cal @ Nebraska
Sept. 20 (Thurs.) Texas A &M @ Miami (FL)
Sept. 22 Penn State @ Michigan
Sept. 29 Auburn @ Florida
Oct. 6 Oklahoma vs, Texas
Oct. 11 (Thurs.) Florida State @ Wake Forest
Oct. 20 Texas A&M @ Nebraska
Oct. 27 Georgia vs. Florida
Nov. 3 Wisconsin @ Ohio State
Nov. 8 (Thurs.) Louisville @ West Virginia
Nov. 17 Ohio State @ Michigan
Nov. 23 Texas @ Texas A&M
Dec. 1 Army vs. Navy

Road Trip Planner

There are certain venues in college football that every fan should experience at least once. If you have the time and money to make this football season into one long road trip (some flying may be required), here is a suggested itinerary. If you can't do them all, maybe you could just pick a few of them.

Sept. 3 Clemson (vs. Florida State)
Sept. 15 Nebraska (vs. Southern Cal)
Sept. 29 Florida (vs. Auburn)
Oct. 6 LSU (vs. Florida)
Oct. 13 Notre Dame (vs. Boston College)
Oct. 27 Georgia vs. Florida (Jacksonville, FL)
Nov. 3 Ohio State (vs. Wisconsin)
Nov. 10 Tennessee (vs. Arkansas)
Nov. 17 Washington (vs. California)
Nov. 23 Texas A&M (vs. Texas)
Nov. 24 Auburn (vs, Alabama)
Dec. 1 Army vs. Navy (Baltimore, MD)

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